No One Checks Them Closer!

No One Checks Them Closer Than Rental Services

Rental Services, Inc. has been in the pre-employment and tenant screening business for over 30 years. Specializing in assisting businesses and rental property owners in Arvada, CO, and across the United States in selecting the best possible employees and renters. Whether you manage rental properties or run a business, we understand that obtaining quality tenants and hiring qualified, honest employees are critical to your success. At Rental Services, Inc., we are committed to providing affordable, comprehensive background screening reports to help make each rental or hiring decision easier.

Tenant Screening Services

Rental Services, Inc. has partnered with property managers, landlords, and the rental industry to provide complete tenant screening services. We have access to millions of records, both criminal and eviction, with access to a growing database of up to the minute information.

Pre-Employment Screening Services

Rental Services Inc. provides full-service pre-employment and volunteer screening. Whether you represent a large company or small business, hiring qualified employees and volunteers is critical to your success. Rental Services, Inc. can help you get these prospective employees onboard quickly and easily through our efficient employment screening.