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I have been in the rental business for over 25 years and what makes it profitable is finding the right renter. I have heard of the landlord story's about tenants that don't pay and destroy the properties.  So the only way to prevent these bad situations are to screen the renters before they sign a lease. I have been a customer of Rental Services for over 15 years. What I like about Rental Services is that they are quick and very detailed in their screening process. I also like all the options that are available to use when screening tenants.

Dennis F.
Private Owner and Broker

Rental Services nationwide tenant screening company.

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Since 1984, RSI has been supporting landlords, rental property owners and realtors in their selection of the best possible tenants. Similarly, we are an invaluable resource for all business owners screening potential employees during the hiring process.

Our friendly and reliable staff will be available throughout the tenant and employment screening process. At RSI you will not be lost in automated services but will speak with a person, who is both well informed, and familiar with your account.

Report results can be accessed either through our office during hours of operation or conveniently from our website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may utilize our online services for easy access to rental applications, rental documents, lease agreements and our Quick App feature—which allows your potential tenant to submit rental applications online and pay for their background check directly.

We will work with you to establish screening criteria and scoring models customized to fit your specific needs. At RSI we full understand that in order to successfully run your business or rental property, you require timely and, most importantly, accurate background screening.

Tenant background checks can include the following screening services: Credit Reports, Criminal Records, Eviction Data, and Social Security Verification. Employment screening services may also include: DMV Records, Drug Testing, Workman's Compensation Records, Education Verification, and Licensure or Certification Verification. Unlike other screening companies, RSI is capable of taking your check one step further. You may choose to have one of our experienced credit investigators complete reference phone calls to verify employment and rental history with previous landlords. By putting our nearly 30 years of screening experience to work, we will find and report the facts on your potential tenant or employee.

The purpose of a screening report is to assess the likelihood that a tenant or employee will satisfy the terms of their contract or rental agreement. That they will take responsibility and great care with the property or new position. Landlords who conduct consistent and reliable screening of their applicants reduce their personal liability and benefit from a stabilized and satisfied resident base, lower maintenance and repair costs, and increased level of personal safety for both residents and the surrounding community. Employers likewise find employees who are trustworthy and better the work environment.

RSI is your tool, your consistent and reliable resource, for obtaining the background information necessary to reach your ideal tenancy and employment goals.