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Tenant Giving Key — Employment & Tenant Screening in Arvada, CO
Research is more than just data. Services are more than just reports.

Rental Services, Inc. wants to provide you with more than background screening information. We want to be your employment and tenant screening resource. The multi-family housing industry is always changing... the government is always passing new laws... credit bureaus frequently add new regulations... all of which can impact how you screen a tenant or prospective employee for your business. As a decession maker, you need to know about these changes.

RSI is committed to being more than just your background screening partner. The experienced team at RSI can review your current screening program and help build a comprehensive screening solution, focused on industry best practices and compliance.

Colorado Real Estate Law Firms

Hiring just “any” attorney could put you and your company at risk. Real Estate Law is a complex and challenging field. Make sure the attorneys you work with have the knowledge and real estate experience needed to be successful. Rental Services, Inc. is excited to recommend the following law firms who specialize in evictions, Fair Housing Defense, Lease Drafting, Collections, HOA Representation, Colorado Real Estate Commission and Real Estate Education. Each law firm has years of experience and can handle all your legal needs.
If you're located outside of Colorado contact us for a referral specific to your state.

RSI is not affiliated with any of the vendors listed on this page and provides this information as a courtesy to our clients.